Tips 3

Tee shot routine

Often the most daunting shot to hackers is the tee shot off the first tee. People are coming and going, there’s noise from the pro-shop, and of course it seems half the city is standing behind, watching you and waiting for you to tee off. You’re also hoping desperately you don’t mess it up and look like a hack!

Well don’t let it get to you.

Stand behind the ball and look down the fairway to your target. Breathe slowly and deeply and simply say a word or a short phrase such as “tempo” or “low and slow” to trigger a calming and positive image of your swing. Then step up to the ball and swing with confidence.

Sounds too easy? Well it really is that easy – try it next time and see how you go.

Two Guaranteed Ways to Lower Your Handicap

Psst… wanna know a secret?

Shh… don’t tell anyone, but I have two ways to lower your handicap – guaranteed!

1 – Know how far you hit each club. I’m not talking about that career 8 iron you hit 170m two years ago with a tail wind and have since measured everything off that. No. Go to the range, get a large bucket of balls and hit ten or so with each club. Take note of the average distance you hit those balls, or at what distance you had the best grouping. Write It Down, and take that piece of paper to the course with you next time.

The Deep Rough has a very hand calculator you can use as well based on the distance you hit your 5 iron.

2 – Get lessons. If Stuart Appleby, Adam Scott, et. al. get lessons, you sure as heck need them too. Where do you go to get lessons? See a PGA professional. Realistically they are not that expensive, and as your game improves you will find yourself enjoying golf more.

Use a putter to bump and run

If you are faced with a shot up to 30 metres off the green and there are no obstacles or hazards in your way, try using the putter to bump and run the ball.

Put the ball forward a bit in your stance, stand a bit more upright and make a strong sweeping stroke that sends the ball bouncing and then rolling onto the green.

This will be a great shot this summer when the fairways and fringes will be thin and dry.

Don’t Scoop your Irons

For good iron shots – always hit down and through the ball.

Hit the ball first before your swing bottoms out, and then continue on down taking out a small divot in front of where the ball was.

The loft of the club will cause the ball to shoot up and soar.

Trying to scoop the ball into the air will lead to poor shots and lack of distance.

Think Outside the Fairway

You may come to a hole that has a lot of trouble down one side of the fairway, and to top it off then gives you a difficult approach angle from the other side.

Sometimes it may be easier to hit your drive onto an adjacent fairway, into some short rough, or even lay up short and hit a longer approach shot into the green.

Consider all your options first, don’t just blast away with the driver!

Make the Practice Swing Count

Taking a practice swing that just waggles the club around whilst you look in the general direction of the green achieves nothing.

Set up close to the ball so you have the same lie and stance as you will when you actually take the shot. Now take your practice swing.

Feel how the slope of the ground will affect your balance. Strike the ground to see where your club will bottom out from the lie, and then adjust your ball position and address accordingly.