Tips 1

Putting From Off The Green

Putting from off the green is an excellent way to get the ball close to the hole without worrying about hitting it fat or thin.

One thing that you must take into consideration though, is that you have to hit your ball with more force than you usually would on the green, for the amount of distance required.

This seems like stating the bleeding obvious, however most high handicappers end up very short of the hole when putting from off the green because they are not used to striking the ball with the putter using such force.

Practice Chipping With A Glove Under Your Arm

To hit solid chip shots, your arms need to stay close to your body.

Place a glove under your front armpit when you chip balls in practice. The glove should never fall to the ground.

This way you will learn the feeling of keeping your left arm connected to your body, and the results will amaze you.

Stop Those Fat Shots

Hitting the ball ‘fat’ or striking the ground behind the ball is a very common problem for high handicappers.

One way to correct it is to try and hit the ball on a lower trajectory while you practice. Do not change the ball position relative to your stance, just try and hit the ball lower.

You do this by keeping your hands slightly forward of the ball at impact. This will, in effect, de-loft the club and result in crisp shots that let the club get the ball well into the air. It will also minimise the tendency to hit behind the ball.

Hitting Wedge Shots Close To The Hole

Most high handicappers hit wedge shots high into the air and hope they come down close to the hole.

A better way to hit accurate wedge shots is to choke down on the grip a bit and make a shorter back swing. Then accelerate through the ball and finish with the club head low in front of you and not high up or over your shoulder.

You will get a shot that flies low out of the wind, heads straight to the target and stops quickly. Go to the range and practice to see how far you hit this shot, and then watch your scores come down on the course.

Know When To Stop Practicing

When practicing, avoid hitting balls when you are tired or have sore muscles.

Hitting shots whilst you are not 100% can promote bad habits in your swing to compensate for your body’s state. You may also injure yourself easily if your back, neck or leg muscles are sore.

Listen to your body and practice when you are healthy.

Practice Chipping With A 5 iron

To practice chipping for accuracy, you must be able to:

  • catch the ball cleanly,
  • get it into the air,
  • get it rolling as soon as possible.

Instead of using a wedge, try practicing with a 5 iron. This will force you to concentrate on making crisp smooth contact and a smooth stroke, or you will not be able to hit the ball well at all.

Once you master chipping with a 5 iron, move onto a higher lofted club and you will find it becomes easier to handle.